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Mixing together history, personal anecdotes, and a love for the subject, Laura Hannuna offers personal and private tours of Jewish and Ancient Rome.

  • Learn about the 2,200 years of Jewish history that make the Roman Jewish community a unique and important perspective.
  • Explore the rich heritage on display in the Museo Ebraico
  • Witness the majestic beauty of the Tempio Maggiore, one of the grandest Synagogues in Europe.
  • Get to know Ancient Rome with a walk through the Via Sacra. Explore the Roman Forum, see the Arch of Titus, and enter the Colosseum!
  • Enjoy a private Italian cooking lesson with one of the best chefs in Rome
  • Visit the Vatican Museums through a Jewish Lens

Get to know the hidden gems, urban legends, and fascinating history of the Eternal City – take an evening stroll through the iconic piazzas (squares) and observe the famous fountains, known for their beauty, style, and sometimes shocking pasts. Allow Laura to arrange your best possible stay – from accomodations, to tours and everything in between.


Laura, a member of the Roman Jewish community, has been introducing visitors to the local community, personality, and customs since 2010. An Italian speaker, Laura is also fluent in English and Spanish. Through her unique combination of personal experiences, academic studies, and professional collaborations, Laura offers a wonderful perspective of Jewish Rome.

“… Very warm and personable she was able to relate to us the experience of growing up and living in Rome…” – TripAdvisor

A tour with Laura is a must for anyone interested in Jewish Rome!

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